Beyond history and tradition

We have been brewing in Shimo-Shiojiri area along Hokkoku-Kaido in Ueda city, Nagano Prefecture for more than 300 years. Ueda city has a long history enacted a backdrop of naturally beautiful mountainous vistas, relaxed rural landscapes, and the Chikuma River, the longest river in Japan. The area we founded was a post town located on roads leading to Edo and other areas.
We inherit wisdom and technology of our predecessors and continue to make sake with unremitting efforts while adopting new methods.
Every year during the harsh cold winters, the brewers go seriously with the sake to deliver the best sake to you.

The Kutsukake family

The Kutsukake family has been the owners of brewery since Genroku period (1688-1704). And Hiroyuki Kutsukake, the current chief brewer, is the first chief brewer as the owners of brewery since our founding.
Sake brewing to connect the history and traditions that last more than 300 years to the future is crucial and requires great preparation.
However, being able to brew sake for the future on our own is also a pleasure as the owners of brewery, and he is proud that the genuine Shinshu Ueda brewers can create sake that feels Ueda's climate and culture like “terroir”.

Local rice and water

We mainly focus on sake brewing with locally grown rice and Sugadaira water from Ueda.
In particular, local rice produced in Ueda City is brewed using three types of locally rice suitable for sake brewing born in Nagano Prefecture, called “Miyama-Nishiki” in the Shioda area, “Hitogokochi” in Kakeyu Onsen area, and “Sankei- Nishiki” in the Takeshi area.
We aim at sake brewing so that those who drink can feel the climate and culture of Ueda, Nagano.


Welcome to Japan and Kutsukake Sake brewery. We are welcome customers from outside of Japan too. We open for Free Sake Tasting through the year and shopping. If you need assistance for tasting or shopping in English, please make a reservation in advance.


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How To Get Kutsukake Sake Brewery

ACCESS: 5-10 min walk from “Nishi-Ueda” sta. Shinano Railway. 15 min taxi ride from “Ueda” sta. JR Hokuriku Super Ex.
BY CAR: 20 minutes from the Joshin’etsu Expressway Ueda Sugadaira IC exit.